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    Five common drinking problems


    Beer bellies come from drinking too much beer?

    No matter which alcoholic beverage it is, the main source of calories is alcohol. There is nothing special about the alcohol in beer. Alcohol is high in sugar, which means drinking too much alcohol can lead to weight gain. So if you have a bit of a hoop around your waist, it's probably because you drank Martini or wine last weekend, so don't blame it all on the beer.

    Can boys and girls of the same height drink the same amount of alcohol?

    Even if a man and a woman are of the same height, weight and build, men tend to have more muscle and less fat than women. And muscle moisture content is higher, alcohol is thinner inside male body effect is stronger, the alcohol concentration inside relatively speaking female body is taller, can feel the power of alcohol faster.

    Absinthe is psychedelic?

    Absinthe is not psychedelic, and if you want to get high, pure absinthe will disappoint. The only thing absinthe can do to make you psychedelic is alcohol, and absinthe is high in alcohol and works well when mixed. If you drink too much, you will see what you should not see. This is the effect of drunkenness in general.

    Alcohol mixed with energy drinks makes you feel higher?

    It's a hard myth to dispel, but the answer is no. Alcohol levels don't change when mixed with energy drinks, but the extra caffeine can cause considerable alcoholism. Blood alcohol levels are the same, but energy drinks are very refreshing. Special attention should be paid to energy drinks mixed with alcohol is not good for health, should be avoided.

    Drinking coffee can accelerate alcohol metabolism.

    Coffee doesn't wake you up. If you're a little drunk, you have to wait a few hours to metabolize alcohol. Coffee doesn't speed up your metabolism, but it may increase your sensory abilities and make you feel awake.



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