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    Longshanquan pure draft beer

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    How does beer taste


    Longshan spring original pulp beer manufacturer will explain to you:

    Have a large beer

    Beer should be drunk in large cups so that the temperature of the beer does not rise sharply, and open the throat to drink, let the liquor and mouth full battle, so as to fully chew the unique taste of beer, produce a good pleasure, to achieve the best enjoyment. With the words of inside hand, drink beer to ought to nibble away, it is gulp down greatly namely, a glass of beer should drink as soon as possible, if choose common glass, can not pour full, with gulp down had better.

    Avoid oil in beer

    The beer cup shall be specially clean and shall not be used for any other purpose; Drink beer should pay attention to oil, oil is the flavor of crushed beer and taste of the enemy. When drinking beer, avoid oily head by all means, oily mouth drinks beer, can make white and plump bubble disappears, and the beer that does not have bubble tastes like chewing wax. So is the table to drink beer, after using meat dishes, it is best to wipe the mouth of oil and water, and then drink beer.


    When drinking beer, appropriate clever ding drinks, unfavorable meddle in juice, soda, coke to drink again. But if a small amount of white wine is added to the cup, it is cold and refreshing, bitter taste to go and nasal spray gas to stay; Add a little coffee and sugar, it is bitter on the mouth, in the gush nose, sweet aftertaste; Add some ice cream or ice cubes, the foam is more abundant, sweet and bitter moderate, unique flavor. Other, cans of beer should not be directly to the mouth to drink, pour into the glass after the loss of excess carbon dioxide drink can feel mild.

    The flavor of winter beer is breezy

    Beer is the beverage of popular world, it is not only the beverage that relieves heat and thirst, but a kind of beverage that is appropriate at all times, especially in cold winter, can say that do not have flavor of a kind of affection breeze flavor. The kingdom of the world per capita consumption are more than 100 litres of beer has 12, there are ten in the country in uniform temperature is below 10 ℃, the lowest temperature and are - 10 ℃ ~ 27 ℃. European Luxembourg is a champion of per capita consumption of beer in the world, it's in uniform temperature is 8.5 ℃, the minimum temperature of 24.2 ℃. People in these countries, especially in the winter, especially like to drink hot beer.

    The hot bath of beer

    Beer hot bath method, is, in fact, is the summer cold drink beer, put below 15 ℃ of beer are at the mercy of 30 ℃ warm water soak in hot, make the wine temperature rise to best drinking temperature after chewing. So, summer hot drink beer does not have flavour one time, hot drink beer not only can make the body soonest gentle rise, can make haemal circulation is accelerated, ameliorate the condition that end slightly blood-vessel supplies blood, can have the function that prevents chilblain. This article comes from the Internet


    Longshan spring raw beer

    Longshan spring raw beer


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